How To Build Resiliency Into Your Life

Over the next few weeks, I want to share with you a few practices that I use to help address my stress levels.


I don’t have to tell you that the world is a very taxing place these days so I have created this short video and audio recording to hopefully help you make it a little less so.


I’m teaching you the Alexander Technique (AT) Lie Down.


First, watch this very short video.


Follow the instructions in the video.


Then play the audio.


You can use the audio again and again as you develop your own practice.


The AT Lie Down is to be practiced and I mean “practice” like a meditation practice or a breathing practice something that you do not something you perfect.


Creating a daily lying down practice is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your well being.


If you have questions just let me know in the comment box.


Also if you get confused about the book height just have someone take a photo of you lying on your books and I will let you know if the height is good or not.


Here is the link to the short video. 


Here is the recording:


Remember I am here for you,