An Alexander Technique lesson is most enjoyable!

Using my hands and verbal cues I will guide you through basic movements such as sitting, standing, lying down, walking and breathing.

You will learn how you are habitually interfering with your natural poise and balance. You will learn how to move more easily. You will be taught tools to reduce or eliminate pain. You will learn how to become more mobile and active.

Eventually as your skill improves you may want to explore other activities.

I have had students bring in their musical instruments, recite poetry or a monologue, sing, run, ride a bike, ride a horse, swing a golf club or tennis racquet – the list is endless.

Whatever you do and want to do better with increased balance, mobility and ease- we can address.

Each private lesson is 45 minutes. I ask you to wear loose fitting clothes that you can move in easily. Please wear or bring socks and wear a shirt or blouse with sleeves. I work out of an old farmhouse so in the winter months dress cozily.

You should allow time after your lesson to let the experience resonate. So don’t dash off to the grocery store or run a million errands. Create a calm space in your day.

Of course everyone is different and everyone learns differently. Each person comes to the Alexander Technique for his or her own reasons.

If someone comes to me because of pain that pain has its own history and may need more attention.

But with all of that being said I have found that it takes a student about 10 lessons to gain a beginner’s understanding of the Technique.

More lessons bring more learning and better proficiency. I ask that my students commit to at least 10 lessons then we re evaluate from there. Lessons are taught on a weekly basis unless more often is needed. In short, I tailor your program to your needs.

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Group lessons

The Get Out of Pain and On With Your Life Workshop

  • group class meets for 5 consecutive Thursday evenings.
  • Each participant receives a mini private lesson followed by group instruction.
  • The last 2 classes are dedicated to applying the Technique to an activity of your choice.
  • You also receive one private lesson at my Alexander Technique teaching studio in Little Compton, RI.
  • Because we all can learn from each other’s experiences this is a great class both for beginners and those who have had more experience in the Technique. Please contact me for dates.

Also I am available to teach groups of any size. Specifically I have taught group classes at:

  • The Carter School/ Rhode Island Philharmonic
  • The Boston Conservatory
  • The Providence Singers
  • The Cambridge Center for Adult Education to name a few.

Corporate Packages

I can tailor packages for your corporation's needs. As well as teaching your employees how to sit, stand and move with greater ease I can also evaluate their workstations and provide simple solutions to improve their work environment. As a result your employees will learn how to be more efficient at their computers and other activities. They will learn how to sit and stand so as to avoid back and neck pain.

Individual lessons are $175 per 45 minute session.

Package of 10 lessons for $1500 are available.

The Get Out Of Pain Get On With Your Life Workshop is $280.00 and includes one 40-minute lesson at my Little Compton studio.

Contact me for Home Visits or Workplace Evaluations